Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

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  • SD1000MMobile Concrete Mixer SD1000M


1. When it comes to productivity, self-loading mobile concrete mixer can be depended for increased mixing capacity on site. A single person can handle overall management of shifting the equipment, loading appropriate proportion of ingredients and monitor the blending operation.
2. Types of Construction Projects where self-loading mobile concrete mixer can be applied include housing and commercial projects, roads, bridges, trenching, etc.
3. A variety of construction projects can be done by reducing the cost in concrete mixing to a great extent. Projects including housing and commercial projects, roads, bridges, trenching, etc, can be managed cost effectively with self-loading mixer.
4. Topall—the right place to find technically advanced concrete solutions
5. Topall supply exclusive concrete equipments including self-loading mixer, etc. Our 4×2 or 4×4 self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with reliable and fast technology including 180 drum slewing, front cab, and shovel that closes by hydraulic mechanism, electronic weighing method, etc.
6. Conclusion: Self-loading mobile concrete mixer is a revised option available today that supports for easier and faster construction activities.

What is specific about Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer?

1. Drawbacks in Conventional Mixers
Conventional mixers require the support of manual loading of ingredients and if the proportion changes, the quality of concrete mix also tend to differ. In addition, technically conventional mixers have many drawbacks as not all the mixers can be adaptable to different types of constructions.
2. Construction advantages with Mobile Concrete Mixer on Site
On site construction remains more effective with mobile concrete mixer. It can be shifted from one end of the site to another end, and can be drove easily by single person. In addition, it reduces the need for additional components including pumps to transport ready mix concrete, drum trucks, etc as they are expensive as well.
3. Concrete Necessities in Different Types of Construction Methods
Construction work is not constraint with residential and commercial projects alone, as concrete remains one of the prominent ingredients in creating roads, bridges, tunnel, paving, power plants, and major industries. Self-loading mobile concrete mixer has been designed in compact way to make it transferable to different locations and process the construction work comparatively fast and reliable.
4. Saving on work load, expense and time
Transportable concrete mixer has been designed in compact way. This is one of the features that reduces construction work load. Similarly, when comparing the expenses of conventional mixing, mobile blenders are cost effective and save more time in mixing.
5. Wastage Management
Self-loading mobile concrete mixer is also beneficial in reducing the percentage of wastage. Spilling out of ingredients while loading into the batch plant is a common kind of wastage that can be seen in construction sites, similarly transferring the concrete mix to the work site also leads to wastage. Self-loading mixer deserves attention for reducing wastage in both the above means.
6. Conclusion
With the inception of technically advanced concrete mixing equipments like self-loading mobile concrete mixer, cost of construction has been reduced to a great extent. It is a perfect choice for small to moderate construction projects.
7. Ready Mix Concrete Usability
Methodologies keep on changing and this changing attitude with adaptability of recent trends remains a key route to business success. Concrete mixture is one of the new methodologies which have made a huge variation in construction work.
8. Self-Loading and Manual Loading of Ingredients
As technical features are updated, construction becomes faster and easier. Self-loading concrete mixer is one among the latest updates in concrete solutions. It reduces man power, production cost and above all remains a high performing option for the building industry.
9. Self-Loading Concrete Mixer
Self-loading concrete mixer is compact equipment designed to serve for fast construction purpose. It is easily transportable to the construction spot and the advanced technology offers easier operation of concrete mixing.


SD680M, SD800M, SD1000M

Typical of SD1000M Specifications

Model SD1000M
Effective capacity per mix 750L
Load 2000 kg
Drive type Articular frame ;4×4 and Driving Shaft Connect
Max.speed(km/h) 25
Grade ability (%) 36
Min.turning radius(m) ≤5.5
Min ground clearance(mm) ≥248
Tyres front wheel(mm) 10-16.5
rear wheel(mm) 10-16.5
Clutch Constant-contact, single-disc, dry clutch
Gear box Four forward speeds and Four reverse speed
Tipping system Hydraulic tipping hopper and 180 Angle discharge
Steering Gear system Hydraulic steering
Wheel base 2000
Wheel tread 1340
Electric starting Yes
Engine model ZN385Q
type water cooling
12 hours rated power 22kw/2600rpm(385)
Overall size(mm) 3620×1800×1680/1800/2500
Weight(kg) 2450
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