Concrete Pan Mixer


The concrete pan mixers are designed primarily to mix concrete but will also mix compost, soil and cattle feed. All the mixers are pan mixers which give a forced mixing action by paddles rotating inside the pan. Concrete pan mixer, which is a forced movement pan mixer, has blades that are fixed to an assembly that agitates the concrete throughout the pan as the vertical shaft rotates.

Features of Pan Cement Mixing Machine

1. Heavy duty, reversing drum, mechanically fed concrete mixer is manufactured according to the highest specification.
2. High capacity concrete pan mixers are capable of producing up to 40 batches per hour.
3. Standard machine includes water tank with water meter.
4. Mechanical operated feed hopper of concrete pan mixer is equipped with changfa S195N diesel engine and towable chassis.
5. Topmac mixers for sale in the EC are CE marked.
6. Topmac is an ISO 9001 accredited mortar mixer supplier in China.
7. Efficient after sales spares service through Topmac’s worldwide distributor network is available.

Parameter of Concrete Pan Mixer

Model PM350E(Electrical) PM350D(Diesel)
Capacity 350L 350L
Drum rotating speed 20r.p.m 20r.p.m
Motor model Electric Motor
S195N Diesel Engine
Power 4kw 8.8kw
Rotational speed 1440r/min 1440r/min
weight 300kg 300kg
size: Φ1100×1050(high) Φ1200×1050(high)

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