Concrete Vibrating Pokers


The ZN planetary internal concrete vibrator with flexible shaft driven by electric motor is an important instrument for concrete construction. It is widely used in construction industry to consolidate and compact various plastic, semi-plastic or nearly dry concrete. Our company is a professional manufacturer of concrete vibrator in China. Our products have gained the CE certification.

Features of Electric Concrete manual operation Held Pokers

1. The concrete vibrating poker mainly consists of two components: a driving electric motor and a vibrator head which includes a vibrating body and a set of flexible pipe and shaft. The concrete vibrator has the features of simple structure, easy operating and less maintenance.
2. Notes: left-manual operation threads are supplied at the ends of the casing .The connection thread between flexible shafts and rolling body is right handed.
3. There are three kinds of coupling method between flexible shaft and rotating shaft of motor, which can be separately supplied as per buyer’s demands.
4. The driving electric motor is a three phase or single phase asynchronous motor with anti reverse elements which can avoid damage to flexible shaft.
5. When the motor is accidentally rotating in reverse direction, the red arrow mark on the coupler of the motor indicates its right rotating direction.


1. Check the insulation resistance of the motor before you put concrete vibrating poker into use. The value must be not below 1Ω. The Green-yellow or light blue wire in the power supply cable is the ground wire. A three phase or single phase residual current protective switch should be included in the power supply circuit.
2. Insert the pipe connector and the shaft into the motor coupler, and then tighten them with the spanner.
3. Exchange the three phase wires once you find the motor is rotating in reverse direction. Otherwise, the flexible shaft doesn’t rotate when the concrete vibrator is operating.
4. Shake the vibrating needle against the ground to begin vibrating until you hear a sound as "WU WU” when the motor is normally operating then you can put the vibrating needle into the concrete.
5. Let the needles sink into the concrete without exerting external force. You cannot weld steel tubes to the needle and let it vibrate while the needle is still in the air, which will cause severe damage. The bending radius of the flexible pipe should of at least 500mm, otherwise the durability will decrease.

Care and Maintenance

1. Clean thoroughly the whole machine after being used and keep the electric motor.
2. Perform maintenance after having used the machine for a certain period of time. Clean and add some high quality grease to the bearing in the vibrating needle to extend the vibrator head’s service life. When reassembling, keep the space from the bearing to the cone inside the vibration body free of dust, oil and water.
3. The machine will likely encounter some water or and oil during the operation. To ensure the correct functioning of the flexible shaft, you should disassemble the vibrating needle to clean its inside with petrol thoroughly.
4. After a certain period of usage, the flexible pipe may be worn out or stretched, resulting difficulties connecting the flexible shaft plug with rotating shaft. In such case, you should disassemble the conical sleeve, cut off the over length pipe and reassemble them. Then, the vibrator head can be put into use again.
5. If the fuse is burnt when the motor is operating, check for if it was overload or a short circuit, substitute the fuse and perform the necessary repairs.

Specification of the Concrete Vibrating Pokers

Vibrator Head Electric Motor
Model Dimensions of Vibrating Body Shaft Dia mm Pipe Dia mm Length m Frequency HZ Amplitude mm Weight kg Power kw Speed r/min Power Supply Weight kg
Dia mm Length mm
ZN25 φ25 350 φ8 φ24 4-7 260 0.70 7-12 1.45 2850 380V/ 220V 14
ZN35 φ35 370 φ10 φ30 4-7 220 0.82 10-17
ZN42 φ42 460 φ10 φ30 4-7 200 1.20 14-21
ZN50 φ50 452 φ13 φ36 4-7 200 1.15 16-26
ZN70 φ70 452 φ13 φ36 4-7 200 1.25 19-29 1.9 380V 15

Model CPV50-3D(3G)
Engine Air-cooled,4-cycle,single cylinder
Engine Type Diesel,170 Chinese Petrol Engine Petrol,Robin EX17 Petrol,Honda GX160 Petrol,I/C 1062
Power kw(hp) 3.1(4.2) 4.0(5.5) 4.2(5.7) 4.0(5.5) 3.6(5.0)
Operation Mass kg(lbs) 31(68) 22(48) 21(46) 21(46) 21(46)

Drivers Gasoline

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