Jurong Topall Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Jurong city which is the Southeast gateway of Nanjing Province. Topall has very convenient transportation; it is 29 km away from Lukou International Airport, 35 km from Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and 8 km from Ninghang expressway.

Topall is a scientific and technological type enterprise with many years of practical experience in Africa. All the small-sized construction machinery developed by our company is suitable for the Middle Eastern market, African market and Southeast Asian market.

We provide products including Topall European style dump truck (customized configuration with all kinds of imported diesel engine available), hydraulic diesel engine steel bar shearing machine and bending machine, diesel driven concrete vibrating poker and we also export some well-known construction machinery products for domestic famous brand.

Having a senior purchasing engineer, quality control personal and technical service staff, Topall provides sourcing and exporting service of construction materials for oversea item department of domestic construction enterprises.

Has the company been awarded with international construction industry certificates? Please list some of them.
The products’ quality decides its vitality and the company’s quality control level shows its market competitiveness. Our company has established product quality management system including quality test evaluation standard, instrument management, raw material quality control system, etc.
Are there any cost-saving measures?
(1) Lower direct material cost to lower material consumption
(2) Raise labour productivity to reduce labour charges
(3) Carry out quota management system to reduce manufacturing expenses
(4) Carry out energy-saving and cost-reducing management system to lower fuel and power expenses.

Research and development strength
By absorbing production technology of our peers in the world market and combining market demand, Topall ranks the first in the world construction machinery industry for its technical advantage.

R&D Institution
The technique center of Topall is the keystone project technological and R&D center in Jiangsu Province. It works as the combined platform and carries out “production- study- research” cooperation with scientific organization. The technique center is ran by the technical director with a work force of 10 under his jurisdiction.

R&D Group
Topall has a strong R&D group with several masters and doctors in it. In addition, Topall cooperates with Jiangsu University, Nanjing University and other famous universities; every year we hire top graduates from these universities and some practiced talents from the society.

In order to integrate resources of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, Topall insist to build high-tech compound innovative platform by taking “production – study - research” as acting point combined with market demand and hiring senior experts as technical adviser from scientific research institutions.

R&D Equipment and Quality Guarantee
Over the years, Topall upheld the core value of “humanity, technology, and learning” and insists on the management philosophy of “people first, market-oriented and promoting development with science technology”. It has been awarded with the ISO9001 certification, proving the quality of our products.
Please list some of the exporting countries in the international market.
Southeast Asia:
Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, UZ, Armenia.

The Middle East:
Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Carte, Iraq
Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, Guinea.
Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico
New Zealand, Australian

Main Products
Site dumper, concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, block making machine, tower crane, concrete pump, steer bar shearing machine, steer bending machine, loader, air compressor, plate compactor, tamper rammer, road roller, concrete vibrating poker, construction hoist

Technical Advantages

Site Dumper
In order to meet the customer’s requirements, we make progress to the site dumper by adjusting load distribution, speed ratio, reducing self-weight to upgrade the performance of the machine. The newly added hopper returning device, new style seat, rainshed, floodlight and signal lamp improve the driving condition and also improve the working efficiency.

Concrete Mixer
The rotary mixer has unique structure, high production efficiency and good quality; diesel engine and motor are optional for the mixer.

Concrete Batching Plant
Production capacity and other economic and technical norms of concrete batching plant strictly conform to national standard, which can fit all kinds of concrete production by reaching the advanced level in domestic market. The complete equipment should not only be fully furnished but also be featured with good mobility, compact structure, small floor area and easy installation. The architectural features of Series D concrete batching plant includes centralized metering device, compact structure, easy maintenance and nice appearance.

Block Making Machine:
The machine adopts integrative technique of mechanics-electronic-hydraulics which makes the operation circle consistent so that the products have higher stability and low defective index.
1. Intelligent Electronic Control
The machine adopts PLC intelligent control, touch screen, flexible man-machine interface. The automatic system contains advanced control action interlocking with long-distance regulator control system.
2. Reliable Hydraulic System
We choose high quality and well-made hydraulic system which adopts independent integrated hydraulic pressure station to avoid damage from vibration and dust.
3. Raw Material
The machine can make use of ashes and offscum to produce all kinds of load-bearing and non-bearing building blocks through vibration molding technology.
4. Universality of the Machine
Block making machine can meet the market demand by changing different production mold to make full use of the equipment.

Annual Output
Site dumper: 1500 sets
Concrete mixing machine: 2000 sets
Concrete batching plant: 200 sets
Block making machine: 200 sets
Tower crane: 100 sets
Concrete pump: 100 sets
Steel bar cutting machine: 1000 sets
Steer bar bending machine: 1000 sets
Loader: 20 sets
Air compressor: 50 sets
Plate compactors: 1000 sets
Tamper rammer: 500 sets
Road roller: 200 sets
Concrete vibrating poker: 5000 sets
Construction hoist: 500 sets