Steel Bar Bender and Cutter

Features of Steel Bar Bender and Cutter Machine

1. One machine both for bending and cutter which is convenient and fast.
2. The worm type gear adopts high quality of tin bronze, which ensure a stable transmission, large loading capacity and long working life.
3. Insert pin type and adjustable saddle enable the accuracy bending angle.

Main Specifications of Steel Bar Bender Cutter

Model GQW20/30
Max. Cutting Diameter Q235 Mpa:25mm C45 Mpa:18mm
Max. bending Diameter Q235 Mpa:30mm C45 Mpa:25mm
Working disc speed 11r/min
Motor power 2.2kw-4p
Size 990×1000×1150mm
weight 360kg
Way of Bending Manual /automatic

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