2 Wheel Drive Site Dumper

  • SD10Site Dumper SD10
  • SD15Site Dumper SD15
  • SD20Site Dumper SD20


1. Tough and versatile, Topmac 2 wheel drive site dumpers Series site dumpers offer reliability and simplicity for a long, productive life.
2. High strength, rigid welded steel chassis
3. Deutz air cooled diesel engines or Yanmar Water Cooling Diesel Engine available with hand or electric start
4. Manually operated gravity tipping skip fitted as standard on the SD10
5. Hydraulically operated skip available as an option on SD15 and SD20
6. Oil immersed multi-plate disc brakes on the front axle of 2 wheel drive site dumper for effective performance and long life
7. TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited site dumper supplier in China.


1. Low size and weight:
The 2 wheel drive site dumpers are ideal equipment to work in areas with limited height.
2. Outstanding stability
The machine allows high stability at full load. It’s easy to work on slopes and extreme difficulty grounds.
3. Use and easy maintenance
Ergonomic control disposal and driving position ensures easy operation and easy routine maintenance.
4. Excellent functionality
Self-loading and unloading hopper are designed to adapt to each specific job.
5. Maintenance
The site dumper should be cleaned after work every day, kept lubricated at all points where grease caps have been provided every week. The Engine oil is suggested to be changed every 70 operating hours.

Types of 2 Wheel Drive Site Dumper

SD10 (including SD10-9D, SD10-9DA, SD10-13DH)
SD15 (including SD15-11D (FCY15), SD15-13DH)
SD20 (including SD20 (2WD), SD20 (4WD))

Typical of SD10-9D/9DA Specification

SD10-9D SD10-9DA
Payload 1000kg
Diesel Engine Single cylinder, Water-cooling system with radiator
Rated Power 12 hp/2200 rpm
Water capacity 317 ltr (11.2 cuf)
Struck capacity 467 ltr (16.5 cuf)
Heaped capacity 765 ltr (27 cuf)
Min.Out turning circle Radius 4 m
Min. Ground Clearance 200mm
Discharging Height
Tipping System Mechanic
Engine starting Manual Manual and Electric
Electric Battery No 12 V, 75 amp.
Driver awning No Yes
Road speed 5.8 ~23 km/h
Reverse speed 4.7 km/h
Transmission 3 forward & 1 reverse gear
Chassis Rigid frame
Driving axle 4×2
Clutch Constant-contact, Single disc, dry clutch
Dimension 2650×1600×1450mm 2650×1600×2074mm

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