Steel Spiral Bender

  • GW18CSteel Spiral Bender GW18C
  • YGW18Steel Spiral Bender YGW18
Our steel bar spiral bender has two types including GW18C and YGW18.
GW18C Steel Spiral Bender: The national standard double pedal steel bar spiral bender is designed according to the market requirement, which is faster, more accurate and more power saving than the normal type. With two angles 90 and 135 use together with double pedal which enables a high efficiency and easy operation. The exquisite design, firm structure and reliable function can meet the demand of users.

Features of Steel Spiral Bender YGW18

1. YGW18 adopts hydraulic system with appropriate power for less depletion and high security.
2. Gear shaft, working disk, roller, rack, stop gauge and pile head bushes are made of high quality alloyed steel with proper heat treatment case to ensure high performances and long working life.
3. Full mechanical linking to control hydraulic operations for high accuracy and reliable performances
4. The counter shaft of the oil pump motor and hydraulic pump is featured with high accuracy and easy installation.
5. Our company is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic steel spiral bender in China. Our products have gained the CE certification.

Typical of YGW18 Specifications

Max. steel bar diameter 4~φ18mm (steel ≤ 20mm ;hrb 400 reinforced steel =18mm)
Cutting speed 32cuts / min
Motor model Y2100L-2
Power 2.2kW-4p
Rotary speed 2880 r / min
Total weight 240kg
Overall dimension 800×630×860mm Manual

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