Single-Direction Plate Compactor


Every building structure, every road is only as good as its foundation, Topmac single-direction petrol/diesel-powered plate compactor, with the operating weight from 100kg to 355kg, has the advantages of easy operation, which is the most economical compactor in the market.
Whether you are backfilling a trench, building a new highway, resurfacing a street or laying a new bridge deck, we will help you get to bottom of things by ensuring that you use the very best on top.

Advantages of Single-Direction Plate Compactor

Our company is a professional manufacturer of plate compactors in China. Our products have gained the CE certification. With the powerful design, our single-direction plate compactor is mainly used for compaction of sand gravel, grit and granular materials.


1. The machine is equipped with reversible handle for easy operation and it also relieves fatigue.
2. Single-direction plate compactor adopts open design, which can reduce dirt.
3. Centrally mounted fully enclosed exciter for an even spread of force over the whole base plate
4. Protective frame is available as optional
5. Throttle control is available as optional

Main Specifications of Single-Direction Plate Compactor

Model C100
Engine Type Kipor 170 Diesel EX17 Robin Petrol GX160 Honda Petrol
Power kw(hp) 3.1(4.2) 4.2(5.7) 4.0(5.5)
Operation Mass kg(lbs) 104(230) 93(205) 93(205)
Frequency vpm 7000
Centrifugal Force KN 19.8
Compaction Depth cm(in) 30(12)
Travel Speed cm/s 45(18)
Efficiency m2/hr( 770(8300)
Plate Size cm(in) 46×61(18×24)
Dimension cm(in) 110×46×66(43×18×26)
We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice

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