Electric Reverse Drum Mixer

  • RDCM350-6EElectrol Reverse Drum Mixer with Mechanical Hopper (Skip)
  • RDCM350-11EHSElectrol Reverse Drum Mixer with Mechanical Hopper (Slide)
  • RDCM500-17EHSElectrol Reverse Drum Mixer with Mechanical Hopper (Slide)
  • RDCM1000-30EHSElectrol Reverse Drum Mixer with Mechanical Hopper (Slide)


For electric reverse drum mixer, it is very popular products in the market. TOPALL have done some innovation on the chassis and electric control system to ensure that there is no trouble during operation.

Features of Electric Reverse Drum Mixer

1. Heavy duty, reversing drum, mechanically fed hopper mortar mixer manufactured to the highest specification
2. High capacity mixers are capable of producing up to 40 batches per hour. Standard machine includes water tank with Water Meter.
4. Towable chassis with two or four pneumatic tyred wheels.
5. Jacking system of the electric reverse drum mixer allows wheel removal for storage during long term use.
6. Topmac mixers for sale in the EC are CE marked.
7. Topmac is an ISO 9001 accredited hopper mortar mixer supplier in China.
8. There is efficient after sales spares service through Topmac worldwide distributor network.
9. Mechanical operated feed hopper of electric reverse drum mixer has different choices of hand/electric start, air cooled diesel engine, water cooling diesel engine or 3-phase electric motor.

Typical one

Model RDCM500-8EHW, a mini model of mobile batch plant which built with weighing system, includes 3 load cells under the loading bucket, batch controller, and operating panel.

Control panel with batch Controller
3 Load cells under weighing hopper
Wheel barrow loading platform

Specifications of Electric Reverse Drum Mixer

Model RDCM500-8EH
Drum Volume 2600L
Capacity of loading 750L
Capacity of discharging 500L
Drum Thickness(mm) 5mm
Hopper Thickness(mm) 3mm
Capacity of water tank 140L
Power source 380V/220V/3-phase electric motor
Power 8KW
Max towing speed 20 kw/h
Output 18 -22 cubic meter/hour
Size(L×W×H) 3750×2240×3800mm
Total weight 2050kg
Hopper lifting model Hydraulic tipping hopper
Towing Wheel Two wheels or Four wheels

Container Loading Plan

20’ container can be loaded with 2 units
40’GP container can be loaded with 4 units

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