Concrete Mixer Pump with Hydraulic Hopper

Model: CPMP500DH


The hydraulic concrete mixer is used to mix and convey normal concrete, lightweight concrete, mortar, sand, expanded clay, cement screeds and anhydrite screeds as well as light granular materials. The CPMP500DH concrete mixer pump with hydraulic hopper is the most powerful machine suitable for tough continuous work under most difficult conditions.


1. Hydraulic concrete mixer is the ideal combination of power and flexibility
2. Manufactured with high quality standards and mechanical parts for professional use
3. Its high performance air compressor and the small dimensions of ALLY-WIN provide remarkable advantages.
4. Large output
5. Long delivery distance
6. Easy transportation
7. Quick installation
8. Convenient operation
9. Easy maintenance

Features of Concrete Mixer Pump with Hydraulic Hopper

1. Minimum noise.
2. Higher yield and lower consumption.
3. Simple and easily accessible maintenance
4. Automatic greasing system
5. Automatic stop 2.2 bars.

Technical parameter of Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

Model CPMP500DH
Output 4 m³/h
Delivery pressure 7 bar
Delivery horizontal reach App. 200 m
Delivery vertical reach App.50 storey
Compressor 5.0 m³/min; control pressure 7 bar
Drive engine Deutz Diesel engine 45KW at 3000RPM
Weight 1800 kg
Filling height 820 mm
Max grain 16 mm
Length 4635 mm
Width 1460 mm
Height 1585 mm
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