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The height of SC series construction hoist elevator for building is 300m; speed is 33m/min. The frequency conversion speed can reach up to 66m/min; SCD series building hoist adopt topless head sheave and motorized winch batten to make it easy and convenient to add mast section; SCD series construction lifter adopt double rope to hang the counterpoise and have balance device between two ropes.


1. New SC series building hoist will bring new value and service to customers. The machine is equipped with optional long distance monitors system, automatic flat layer system, floor calling system and automatic lubrication system, which make it safer, efficient and comfortable.
2. SCD series construction lifter has unique topless head sheave which makes it easy and safe to assemble and disassemble the track. That can improve the efficiency and ease the labor intensity
3. Foldable maintenance ladder and spacious and clean crane cage
4. The connection between cage and driving frame improve the stability and safety of the cage. Advanced sensor makes measuring accuracy reach up to 98%.

Features of Building Hoist

1. The cage drive system is equipped with buffering device, so the cage moves more stable.
2. The ergonomically designed cage interior improves comfortableness.
3. The unique structural design of the construction lifter has applied for patent.
4. The typical technologies ensure the malposition difference of the guide rail.
5. The excellent parts in the industry ensure reliable quality of the building hoist.
6. Precise assembly and accurate drive.
7. Professional solutions for special projects.
8. The complete safety devices ensure reliable control system.

Types of Construction Hoist Elevator for Building

SC100, SC200/200, SCD200/200

Typical of SC100 Specification

Name Unit Parameters
Height m 300
Rated Loading Capacity kg 1000
Max. Loading Worker Number Piece September 9
Boom Lift Weight kg ≤200
Lifting Speed m/min 0~45 0~50 0~66
  Electrical Motor   Model   YZEJ132M-4
Power kw 11×2 15×2
Speed Limiter Model   SAJ40-1.4
Rated Tripping Speed m/s 1.4 1.2
Rated Automatic Load kg 40
Type   Gradual
  Reducer     Model   TU65
Center Distance mm 125
Speed Ratio   1:10 1:14
BRAKING Distance m 0.3~1.2
Mast Section Dimension mm 650×350×1508
Crane Cage Inner Net Dimension m 1.8×1.75×2.06
Hoist way Dimension m 2.09×2.5
Free End Height of The Guide Rail Frame m 9
  Direct Attached Frame   Installing Interval m/set 6~7.5
Distance Between Two Embedded Parts mm 500~800
Installing Distance between Guide Rail Frame Center and Building mm 200~500

Remark: if the height of construction is higher than 120m, you should choose strengthen mast section and cable pulley.
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