Backhoe Loader

Features of Backhoe Loader

1. A central hinged frame, featured by small turning radius, flexible trafficability and excellent lateral stability, is convenient for operations in narrows sites.
2. The design of loading attachment exterior refers to the 3CX structure of JCB Corporation in UK, while the exterior of excavating gear refers to the 310SE structure of John Diehl. By using this advanced technology, the overall appearance of the backhoe loader seems more attractive. And the cab, with large turning glass in front and rear, has good lighting and wide visual field.
3. The brake system of the backhoe loader is safe and reliable by adopting air-over-oil caliper disc type foot brake system and drum-type hand brake.
4. The hydraulic mechanical drive system enhances the reliability of the drive system.
5. The backhoe loader adopts full-hydraulic steering, power-shift and hydraulic control to a working device, which ensures the light and flexible operation and stable and reliable movement.
6. Low-voltage wide-base engineering tyres and rear axle with manual swing are adopted to reach excellent cross-country ability and trafficability.
7. The digging device with the property of lateral sliding enables a wider application range of the backhoe loader.
8. The machine uses suspending damping chair with handrail and seat belt, which improve the security and comfort.
9. It is easy to observe the oil level for the convenient position of the fuel tank.
10. TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited backhoe loader supplier in China.

Technical Parameter

Overall Operating Weight 7800KG Hub Reduction Type One-stage Hub Reduction
Transportation Size
Rated Axle Load 7.5t
L×W×H mm 6239×2268×3760 Drive System
Wheel Base 2250mm Torque Converter
Min. Ground Clearance 300mm Model YJ280
Load Capacity of Bucket 1.0m3 Type Single-stage, Single-phase Three-element
Breakout Force 38KN Peak Efficiency 84.40%
Load Lifting Capacity 2500KG Inlet Pressure 0.4Mpa—0.55 Mpa
Dumping Height of Bucket 2742mm Outer Pressure 1.2Mpa—1.5 Mpa
Dumping Distance of Bucket 1062mm Cooling Type Oil Cold Pressure Circulation
Max. Excavation Depth 52mm Transmission
Backhoe Bucket Capacity 0.3 m3 Type Counter Shaft Power-shift
Max. Excavation Depth 4503mm Clutch Pilot Oil Pressure 1373Kpa—1569 Kpa
Rotary Angle of Bucket 190o Gear Number Two Advance Gears, Two Reverse Gears
Max. Traction Force 39KN Max. Speed 22Km/h
Model YTR4108G60-1 Specification 16/70-20
Type Straight, Direct Injection, Four-stroke, Direct-spraying Combustion Chamber Air Pressure of Front Tyre 0.22 Mpa
Cylinder Number-Inner Diameter-Stroke 4-108×120 Air Pressure of Rear Tyre 0.22 Mpa
Rated Power 55KW Brake System
Rated Rotational Speed 2400r/min Service Brake Air-over-oil Caliper Disc Brake
Min. Fuel Consumption ≤216g/km.h External
Max. Torque ≥261.7N.M/1800r/min Self-regulation
Displacement 4.4L Self-balancing
Steering System
Parking/Emergency Brake Operating Force to Exert Brake
Steering Gear Model BZZ5-250 Manual Operating Force to Relieve Brake
Steering Angle ±36 o Hydraulic System
Min. Turning Radius 5018mm Breakout Force of Bucket 46.5KN
System Pressure 12Mpa Breakout Force of Bucket Rod 31KN
Drive Axle
Lifting Time of Bucket 5.4S
Manufacturer Feicheng Axle Plant Fall Time of Bucket 3.1S
Main Drive Type Double-stage Reduction Type Dumping Time of Bucket 2.0S
Note: Parameters shown in the chart are subject to change without notice.
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