Material Hoist


SSZ120 construction material hoists for building is the freight vertical transporting equipment led by the double guide track framework wire rope. The machine has good functions and suitable price and it is convenient to install. Construction material hoists has the whole set of safety instrument according to the state safety standard. And it can meet the demands of all kinds of industrial and civil construction, railway and highway. Especially the construction hoist can reduce the driver’s labor force and improve the working efficiency.


1. SSZ120 construction material hoists for building is safe, reliable, and convenient. It can remove all kinds of hidden perils.
2. Safety pliers can avoid the suspension coop to fall if there is accident. It will not damage the machine. We can imitate the rope-braking test to watch the effect.
3. If the suspension coop door of the SSZ120 construction hoist is open, the lift can’t run. Whereas the door is closed and power is on, the lift can rerun.
4. Multi-function protection appliance can avoid roof falling, dashing against bottom, overloading, block, loose of the wire rope etc.
5. TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited construction hoist supplier in China.


1. It is a multi-function protection appliance
2. SSZ120 construction material hoist has the largest lift height of 100m, which can add the lift height according to construction height.
3. The machine uses JK-D style close style tape, electric engine brake hoisting machine and multifunction safety electric control box, which is convenient, flexible, and reliable.

Operation and Precautions

1. Before operation, the staff should read the operation instructions to maintain it. Once there are unreliable safety instruments, construction hoist is not allowed to use.
2. When the wind force reaches to grade 6, don’t use the machine. When the wind surpass grade 4, don’t dismantle it
3. At the same time, the staff should carry out the related regulations of construction machinery usage safety technology.

Main Specifications of SSZ120 Construction Material Hoists for Building

Name of Parameters Unit Parameters Note
Rated Loading Weight kg 1200
Running Speed m/min 20~40
Lift Height m 24(basic) Can add to 100m
The Size of Inner Coop m 3.6×1.6×2 L×W×H
Length of Standard Joint m 1.5
Weight of Standard Joint kg 42
Rated Lift weight of bit crane kg 100
Rated force of hoisting machine KN 12.5
Temperature of Environment
Grade of wind when working
≤6 Level
Grade of wind when dismantling
≤4 Level
Weight kg 2800

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