Building Hoist

Building Hoist SCD200/200

Name Unit Parameters
Height m 300
Rated Loading Capacity kg 2000/2000
Max. Loading Worker Number Piece September 9
Boom Lift Weight kg ≤200
Lifting Speed m/min 33
Electrol Motor Model
Power kw 11×2/11×2
Speed Limiter Model
Rated Tripping Speed m/s 1.2
Rated Automatic Load kn 30
Reducer Model
Center Distance mm 125
Speed Ratio
BRAKING Distance m 0.3~1.2
Mast Section Dimension mm 650×650×1508
Crane Cage Inner Net Dimension m 3.0×1.3×2.2
Guardrail Dimension m 5.53×3.42×1.82
Free End Height of The Guide Rail Frame m 9
Gounter weight weight kg ≈1100
Direct Attached Frame Installing Interval m/set 6~9
Distance Bwtween Two Embedded Parts mm 1488
Installing Distance between Guide Rail Frame Center and Building mm 2800~3200
Remark: if the Height of Construction is higher than 120m, you should choose strengthen mast sectionand cable Pulley
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