Muck loader


Wheeled mucking loader, connected by manipulator and conveyor, has the combined function of drossing and transportation. The machine adopts power-driven hydraulic control system which has the characteristics of safe and environment friendly, less energy consumption and high efficiency. Wheeled mucking loader, equipped with electromotor and diesel linkage hydraulic power system, has the advantages of convenient shifting, low noise and high power. The muck loader is the ideal equipment for mine and small-size tunnel.
TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited muck loader supplier in China.


The wheeled mucking loader is mainly used for gather and transport rubble from small production scale and narrow work space.


Particulars Units Parameter
Length mm 7500
Width 1700
Height 1700
Axle 1580
Wheel base 1470
Max. aggregate size 550×450
Min. clearance 190
Weight kg 3600
Max. height of tip at full raise position mm 2300
Max. loading height 1600-1800
Width of loading body of tipper ≤3000
Max. distance between the shovel to the loading hopper 1740
Max. raise height of shovel 2600
Power KW 15
Max. rotating angle of shovel (°) 73
Max. moving speed km/h 2.5/1.4
Max. excavating force KN 11.1
Loading capacity T/h 70-140
Height from the driver’s head to the ground mm 1800
Max. slope of the loading belt (°) 24
Best size for the tipper loading body, 1.9m height, 3m length
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