Concrete Mixer with Mechanical Hopper

Advantages of Concrete Mixer with Mechanical Hopper

1. It is a low cost, mechanically fed, manual tilting drum mixer.
2. High capacity concrete mixer with mechanical hopper is capable of producing up to 32 batches (6 cubic metres) per hour.
3. Using a mechanical loading hopper to ensure high production rates
4. Choice of all kinds of diesel engine or 3-phase electric motor
5. Positive heavy duty driveline of the mortar & cement mixer adopts roller chain bevel wheel and pinion.
6. Jacking system allows wheel removal for storage during long term use
7. Outrigger legs of the concrete mixer maintain stability throughout the loading cycle.
8. Topmac is an ISO 9001 accredited hopper concrete mixer supplier in China.

Main Specifications

Power 7KW/13KW
Power source Diesel Or Electrical Motor
Drum total Volume 660 liter
Capacity (unmixed) 320 litre
Capacity (mixed) 200 litre
Mixing time 40 sec.
Capacity Per Hour 6~8m3
Dimension 1930×2300×2950mm
Steel Thickness of Drum 4mm
Operation Manually Fed
Weight 1250kg/1300kg

Shipping, Delivery & Maintenance

20’ container can be loaded with 4 units
40H’ container can be loaded with 9 units
Delivery time 4 weeks after confirmation of the order

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