4 Wheel Drive Site Dumper

Advantages of 4 Wheel Drive Site Dumper

1. Hydraulically operated skip with twin rams on standard skip
2. 180 angle discharge skip model available SD30R
3. Oil immersed multi-plate disc brakes
4. Efficient after sales spare service through Topmac Worldwide Distributor Network
5. TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited site dumper manufacturer in China.

Features of 4 Wheel Drive Site Dumper

1. Unrivalled operator accessibility and comfort
Power swivel of the site dumper enables discharge either side. Excellent rough terrain performance comes from permanent 4-wheel drive.
2. Heavy duty construction
Column operated forward and reverse directions with acceleration by foot pedal, which is simple and safe to operate.
3. Heavy duty centre console for leg protection
Simple instrument panel including fuel gauge, hour meter, warning lights for parking brake, oil temperature, oil pressure, engine temperature
4. Folding ROPS of 4 Wheel Drive Site Dumper as standard
Easy access to engine compartment for service and maintenance 50 HP engine / 38KW
5. Excellent turning circle
Skip swivels through 180º for easy placement of load when driving along trenches. Handbrake safety device will not move until released.
6. Flashing beacon
The site dumper should be cleaned after work every day, kept lubricated at all points where grease caps have been provided every week. The Engine oil is suggested to be changed every 70 operating hours.